We are already at the beginning of August 2022, we continue to develop the car, after different improvements applied, such as new tensioners in the rear to increase rigidity, a new more rigid and resistant bellhousing, different configurations in the balance of the car among other changes that help us get

Today was quite an important day for Leal Race Cars, because the engine was finished programming and the results were very interesting. First the programmer Gaston Scazzuso made different changes to the gasoline injection map and it was tested to release a little more RPM where now the car will be limited

The plan for the fourth day of track testing was to finish programming the LR01 engine and finish programming the electronic parts such as the pit limiter, launch control, antilag (button which serves to keep the turbo RPM higher and thus find the turbo earlier in the slow corners) and a

For the second day of testing, the team had certain modifications such as a new part at the exit of the exhaust to increase the protection of the body kit from the heat.   On the second day of testing, the team had the help of Gastón Scazzuso (the transmission and engine programmer)

Today was the first track day for the LR01 and the test went quite well. The plan for this day was to test that both, the mechanical parts of the car and the bodywork worked correctly.   For this first test, the team decided not to use all the power, but to limit

Since 2016 we started working on the development of this project and they have been 4 years full of challenges, which we have always overcome together as a team. We are happy to show you our first prototype, the LR01, which was designed and manufactured in Colombia.   We have the highest technology


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