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About Us

About Us

Leal Race Cars

I am Julián Leal, for many years I was racing in Europe in high-level motorsport categories such as the GP2 series, a category which gave me the opportunity to try a formula 1 in 2014, the European Lemans Series, among others. At the end of 2016 I returned to Colombia, my native country, to work on a dream I had, to create my own brand of racing cars and from this year the Leal Race Cars project began.

It has been different years of design, manufacture and development, before having our final finished product.

Throughout the process we have had a qualified Latin workforce and support from European engineers, in addition to my experience as a race car driver, supporting my entire team during all phases of design, manufacture and development of the car.

For the year 2021, after 5 years! we can say that we have our car, the “LR01”, finally finished, time which we use to perfect every detail of each of the parts, using the best materials on the market and the latest technologies currently offered.

In each of the parts of our cars you will find dedication, passion, design that come together to create the LR01 prototype, which you can enjoy on the racing tracks thanks to its agility, its aerodynamics, its simplicity when handling it and its easy adaptation to any type of race car driver.

Julian Leal

Project Manager


Leal Race Cars


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